Secure storage space Sandton


Secure storage space rental in sandton, for your personal possessions or office items while you are away. If you are running out of place, dont have enough space to keep the items that you still need to hold on to, or need to rent storage space while moving to your new home, then our storage units are for you. Our secure storage space in lLinbro Park Sandton is rented on a contract basis, with security in place to protect your items.

Labelling boxes in my storage space: Dont label boxes with items that are inside for security purposes. Rather number the boxes and have a refernce sheet which is kept away from the storage area with which items are in which box. 


Tips to pack your storage space


Packing Boxes 

  • Pack heavier boxes at the bottom
  • Place same size boxes together, lighter ones on top
  • Add moth balls to boxes with books or moth sensitive items in
  • Pack books into smaller boxes to be easier to move
  • Bookes need to be placed flat, not upright
  • Place items most likely to be needed first need to be nearer the front
  • Do not stack heavy items against walls to prevent damae and mould.
  • Books, papers and other moth food items should have moth balls thrown in where possible.



  • Appliances need to be stored in upright positions and transported to the storage space in the upright position. Appliance are stored dry and preferably bubble wrapped. 
  • Store the big appliances in the corner of the storage space, but not flush with walls to prevent moisture problems.
  • Wash kettles out with vinegar and rinse out and dry the kettle before storage. 
  • Tape fridges, freezers and other heavy appliances with plastic tape while transporting them, and them keeping them slightly open during storage. These items need to be completey cleaned inside and dry, with an old towel to absorb moisture, or bicarbonate of soda / charcoal in a bowl.


Furniture storage

  • To store furniture, you want to protect the items to be as good when they come out, as when they went in.
  • Protect the legs by wrapping bubble wrap or old sheets/linen around the legs of the furniture. 
  • Chairs can be store seat to seat, with legs stacked onto the bottom of other chairs. 
  • Tables can be stored table top to table top. Cover the table tops with blankets, sheets or bubble wrap to prevent scratching
  • Store furniture neatly to prevent breakages as in the image



Troopie provide security for your stored goods as far as possible, insurance for items however is the clients responsibility. Clients are also asked to get good quality locks for the storage unit which is not prone to rust or weather elements.


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