Rent a trailer in Johannesburg for your festive travel

Planning a holiday away but dont have the space for all the uggage? Renting a trailer might be a great option for you!

When you are deciding to rent a trailer in Johannesburg, various factors must be taken into consideration so as to allow you a safe and convenient journey wherever you venture out to. These factors include travelling distance, vehicle capabilities and any specific requirements relating to the type of trailer needed for your storage and transportation requirements.

Certain vehicles and tow hitches cannot accommodate heavy weights. Also, depending on where you will be travelling to, some trailers are designed with fortified shocks and other features to cater for more rugged terrain. Conduct a reasonable amount of research if possible before you rent a trailer in Johannesburg. Research and planning in advance will usually save you a lot of time when the moment arrives to get onto the open road – whether it’s a camping, a family trip, social or a teambuilding exercise!

Driving with a Trailer

Driving whilst towing a trailer is substantially more advanced than ordinary driving and learning to tow can be almost as difficult as learning to drive from scratch. So here are a few tips to help you get hitched and on holiday without any unnecessary problems when you rent a trailer in Johannesburg:

  • Braking – Any person knowledgeable on vehicles will warn you that extra weight means slower stopping time. This means you need to remember to stop earlier, keep a greater “safe travel distance”, and not to get overambitious when going downhill!
  • Parking – Never be ashamed to ask someone else to stand outside of the vehicle and guide you in. Manoeuvring a trailer in reverse is one of the hardest things to do whilst towing - plus, damaging another vehicle is far more embarrassing than asking for help to ensure that you don’t in the first place!
  • Weight Distribution – This may be the least known tip for those who rent a trailer in Johannesburg on a regular basis, but is just as important as any of the others mentioned. Distribute the weight of your luggage and belongings so that it is generally even throughout. This will heavily reduce trailer sway and greatly improve control on the road.

These tips should be able to help you provide your family with the most comfortable vacation travelling when you rent a trailer in Johannesburg for the Christmas period. If you need further assistance, or would like to rent a trailer for some festive family fun early up visit us at today! With us at Troopie Self Storage & Trailer Hire you can expect professional assistance! We also offer self storage with secure facilities at the most competitive rates.



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