Offsite storage facilities for your valuable possessions




We provide offsite storage facitlities in Linbro Park Sandton. There are so many reasons why people need offsite storage facilities; from selling a house and moving into a smaller place, to storing furniture for the period that you will be living overseas. The reasons are legion and the fact of the matter is that offsite storage space is more of a necessity today for most people and organisations.

Offsite storage facilities are cheaper than accommodation

If you have to downsize for economic reasons, but do not want to let all your possessions go, then you can store your furniture for the time being. Should you want to sell selected items, you can do so at your leisure knowing that your household goods or office furniture is secure until such time that you decide to move them into new premises or hand them over to the new owner.

Different sizes of offsite storage facilities

In general what is available for storage is single or double garage space. A single garage will be sufficient for the household goods of say, a flat or small home while a double garage will usually be required if you have more possessions that filled a larger house. Goods are stacked when in storage so that a smaller place can be filled with goods that occupied a far larger space before. We at S.A. Self Storage also have larger warehouse size premises for factories or businesses that have a need for high volume self storage space.

Access of offsite facilities and security

For an additional fee you can make use of one of our many trucks to get your goods safely to and from your new self storage space. You can contact our sales staff for a quote on this service.

Will I have to commit to long term contracts for offsite storage units?

Clients can enter their storage facilities at any time during our site opening times; they are also the only ones with access to their dedicated units. Customers can thus rest assured that entry to their unit is available only to authorised persons. Our secure units are built of brick and roll-up doors and they are sturdy enough to withstand nature’s temperaments, all within a protected and effectively guarded facility. 

Our storage facilities are located in Sandton with easy entry or reach from various transport routes. For more information on our storage units and services, contact us today. You can expect great value for money and complete peace of mind when you utilise our units.


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