Renting vs Buying a Trailer

Making a decision on whether renting or buying a trailer is better? We have prepared some tips for you to help you make a decision.

You are packing for a move, heading on a camping trip or doing landscaping work, and you just realized you need a trailer? Now you’re faced with the decision: Should I Rent or Buy a Trailer?

You have to consider some key points:

How Many Times will You Use the Trailer?

Consider all the ways you may need to use an open utility trailer. We suggest you create a list documenting all the tasks you will need the trailer for. Another, option to consider is how far will you be driving the utility trailer? If you are moving stuff from Johannesburg to Cape Town - then it might not be worth hiring a trailer. It might be useful to buy one, but many people who use a utility trailer as frequently as once a week have determined that renting is still the most cost friendly way to go.

How Much Will it Cost?

t is important to keep overall costs in mind when considering renting vs buying a utility trailer. There are registration costs involved with buying a trailer as well. The supplier does not register the trailer for a South aFrican, they will release the trailer over into the name of the purchaser or Proxy on the eNatis system. The purchaser when then register the trailer with the Licensing Department. Also, another very fundamental thing to remember: is upkeep costs. Every trailer has maintenance and upkeep costs.


Where Will You Store the Trailer?

Another often very important question that is overlooked, is ‘where will I store this trailer?’

There are two options to store a trailer:

  • On your residence

  • On a storage lot.


If you have no space in your residence to store a utility trailer, keep in mind that you will have to find a storage lot, and this will incur an extra price.

But if you do decide to purchase storage space, Troopie Self Storage offers safe, secure and convenient storage units for all your belongings whether it is from your home or office.

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